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€ 40,00Preis
Our LEO COINPOUCH is the newest member to our #coinpouchfamily. The coinpouch is the perfect companion when it comes to coins! You can easily access your coins by shaking them out from the hidden side into the small pocket. This way you know exactly which coins you have and can then shake them back into the hidden pocket. This way your coins are safe and won't fall out. Our LEO Pouch comes in two different designs: the engraved leopard print (dark one) or the furry leopard print (lighter one with fur).
  • Product Details

    We use premium German & Italian leather from a small manufacturer from Germany which offcuts we aquire. 

    Every piece is cut with a high technology laser and sewn by hand in the heart of Vienna.

  • Shipping Information

    • Our products are handmade to order. Please allow 2-6 business days from time of order to ship. If you are unsure because you need is asap, contact us via
    • You will receive a tracking number from DHL with your order.
    • We deliver worldwide.
  • Lifetime Guarantee

    Your leather goods should never fail you. But something breaks at any point in the life of our product, contact us and we will be happy to repair it.


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